Second (stern) anchor?

nose into the beach
Not always SANDY .. :rolleyes: 00.jpg 0.jpg


Max Rockatansky

Stern per se... when in a hurricane hole generally but the above happens too

Extra anchors: Bahamian moor, kedging, difficult bottoms

We spend a lot of time drying out in sandy tidal estuaries on Queenslands coast. One definitely should put out a stern anchor or run the risk of landing on the fore anchor as the tide drops and possibly holing the hull  :( not good! Manson make a great aluminium sand anchor, nice and light and  perfect for the job.




So Cal
Hmm, seems like too much hassle - if it’s crowded go somewhere else? Rather than fuss with a stern anchor, just to be close to other boats, who probably don’t have the same setup?

for singlehanded emergencies… maybe. Jus asking who actually used it



Super Anarchist
1) Kedging own boat or others to help them out (big Fortress is great for this)

2) swinging the boat around so it is not beam on to a refracted swell

3) holding position in once spot when hazard restricts swinging

4) beaching the boat bow in, and want a stern anchor out to help remove it from the beach when the tides goes up again.

5) backup if the main anchor gets stuck under a big ass rock and can't be retrieved

6) set in tandem anchor fashion in an anchorage with hard pan under 5" of sand. Nothing more than extra weight on the bottom to help hold the boat in position.

Very useful to have. I've used mine lots. Not every week, but often enough I would be lost without one


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