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Violence among the Democrats is turned inwards

Levin hit in face with pie in Big Rapids

Nathan Hurst / Detroit News Washington Bureau

Washington -- Sen. Carl Levin was hit in the face with a pie this morning at a question-and-answer session on what should've been friendly ground in Big Rapids.

The Democrat from Detroit was speaking to members of the Mecosta County Democratic Party when a young man -- who described himself as a student -- began chastising Levin for his work on the Senate Armed Services Committee, which helps direct military and war policy.

After a few minutes of speaking at Pepper's Café and Deli, a woman who accompanied the student to the event walked up to Levin and hit him in the face with a pie, a source with Levin's office confirmed.


Big Rapids Police arrested the woman on assault and battery charges.

The Big Rapids Pioneer newspaper reported the woman's name as Ahlam Mohsen, a 23-year-old senior at Michigan State University; and her friend who instigated the incident with Levin as Max Kantar, 23. MSU lists Mohsen as a student, but it's unknown what school Kantar attends.

Levin hasn't made a public statement on the incident.

From The Detroit News:


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What kind of pie?
Something fluffy I would imagine. Not sure whats the best type of pie to use in a hostile manner to protest against war. Sort of an Objector meringue or something similar.
There are damn few things I wouldn't endure for real Key Lime pie. Not the green shit they serve to people from points North, real yellow Key Lime pie. O'le Mammy Sol's Key Lime pie would have been worth it.

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This news just in. It was Apple, Levin would have preferred blueberry.

The crust of some people


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