Great doc! I am too young (and not a big F1 fan) so didn't really see him race, but after watching, he was obviously one of the best ever. What a tragedy, though almost inevitable.

If you dig the racing, check out 'Racing Dreams'. I watched this on Sunday; its a great doc following 3 cart racers for a season of the Grand National Cart Championship. My wife (who hates anything racing) was even digging it. I know, NASCAR (gey) but a good story is a good story!

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Saw the movie with my 16 yo son. It was fabulous.

I was watching live when Senna died. We lost a great driver that day.
I happened to be watching as well, still remember the feel of the day and the sinking sense in my gut right at the crash. I'll probably have to buy the DVD- don't expect a showing in Maine

Later that day, Dale Earnhardt won the spring race at Talledega, which paid a tribute to Senna before the race. In his post race interview Earnhardt mentioned Senna, in a gracious way, if awkwardly pronounced-

They were both fascinating men.



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Here's an interesting sentence from wikipedia.

Approximately 10 minutes after Senna's crash, the Larrousse team mistakenly[9] allowed one of their drivers,Érik Comas, to leave the pits despite the circuit being closed under red flags. Marshals frantically waved him down as he approached the scene of the accident travelling at "pretty much full speed".[10] Eurosport commentator John Watson described the incident as "the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen at any time in my life".[10] Comas avoided hitting any of the people or cars that were on the circuit but after going over towards Senna's accident scene, he was so distressed at what he saw that he withdrew from the race.