Sex dolls are completely sold out at Wild Secrets!


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Sex dolls are completely sold out at Wild Secrets!

This has never happened in the company’s 30-year history.

These lifelike dolls typically cost over $3000+ and the recent surge in demand has resulted in hourly sales.

The reasons behind this sudden spike in sales, all of which are in Melbourne, seems to be as travel partners for people using the Eastern Freeway.
“The awful traffic on the Eastern has resulted in a coup for us! People are buying dolls so they can use the much faster Transit Lane.” Said Marketing Manager, Adam Lea.

It is thought that the idea stemmed from an image of one of the dolls ‘Donna’ who is shown in a car.



Wild Secrets is Australia's biggest online retailer of sex toys, with the widest range of quality products enabling adults to easily and affordably boost their sex lives. We inspire all fun-loving adults to enhance and confidently celebrate their sexuality, and the healthy and acceptable role that sex toys play in a fulfilling sex life.

It’s our mission to empower and educate Australians about the joy of sex so they can own and take control of their pleasure, and the Wild Secrets collection allows for exactly that. A little self-love makes a big difference, and we’re here to support every Australian on their sexual wellness journey.


Super Anarchist
There is a joke here but I only have the punch line.

Something, something, something.
High Occupancy Vehicle.

Meat Wad

Super Anarchist
I think they should make those dolls more realistic, genuinely life-like.

A bit overweight, a couple of bad tattoos, a screechy voice, and a headache when you want to do some boning.
It is a sex doll, probably for the loser who needs a real fantasy.
How much do these sex dolls weigh exactly and can they self identify as rail meat?
Asking for a friend.
If it is solid silicone then it is heavy. It might be a shell and some fiber fill. Wait, it is a shell of a woman.


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I gave you a like cause I think you're Australian and like most Australians fond of the word cunt... as per avatar. I wish cunt was more accepted here... It's such a wonderful put down.