Shields Crew in Newport for Wed nights


New member
Owner of a well-maintained and fast Shields in Fleet 9 (Newport) is loosing a crew member (me) to relocation and is looking to build a stronger deeper team so that she can consistently sail with a crew of 5 (bow, jib trimmer, main trimmer, owner/driver, tactician) The owner's objectives are to continue to improve, build confidence, and have fun. And believe me, she's capeable - we recently had a top 10 finish on a 20+kt raceday a few weeks back. She's looking to up her game each week and she makes the necessary $ commitments to equipment to make her crew happy. As anyone knows building a team of great people and having back-ups/alternate crew available isn't easy and this owner is a fabulous person, so I'd love to help her find some great talent. If you have availability for any Wed Night races over the remainder of this summer/fall and are interested in sailing the full spring/summer/fall Shields season next year, please contact me. Boat call is at 4pm, so please confirm that your work schedule will allow for that on a regular basis before contacting us as consistent timely attendance is a team commitment and is valued. Thanks!