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from the video on the front page "shit show", i'm thinking these boats and teams will have such a high learning curve to control them, that any team that does not mostly master them will be a joke. the video makes it look like it just fucking spun up and out of the water.

in the absence of Oracle Team USA, at least Ben and the new Ineos team give us all a villain to root AGAINST. on a forum like this, i think that's definitely worth something. 

After ditching their loyal sponsors and team ethos of environmental stewardship and sustainability, and instead selling their souls to the devil and aligning themselves with a Trumpy Brexiteer who made his money off fracking, i was surprisingly giddy to watch this crash on a loop.

i'm excited to see the Kiwis come out swinging and controllably foiling around the Hauraki Gulf. When does that video come out?!


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I know it was a pretty short video, but I failed to see it begin to self right?  It looked like the one foil was stuck in the up position and the leward foil deep in the water?  That mast seemed planted horizontally.




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I get that the AC50s were not suitable for rough conditions ... but ... but they were awesome.  I still watch the races every know and then.  They just needed to ditch people pumping oil, that was stupid.

From what has been reported, it is the Italian financiers who have insisted on the mono-hull returning.  Then they got ambushed by the success of the foiling spectacle and had to then make a foiling mono. 



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What happened to the link on the FP?? Taken down already?


nice to see some new socks and posters here with this as well. We need more spy’s on the water. 

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