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Why yes

It was a hot summer day at the pool. Two identical twin sisters and their friends also identical twins were on summer vacation from the all girl college they attended. After consuming a few boxes of cherry fizz wine coolers two of the women jumped in the pool and started to.... Oh wait this is a family site. Never mind
were they lesbianz?



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That the video has been pulled tells us all we need to know about the America’s Cup. This event has crashed and burned. They should be thrilled there is any coverage at all. 

Clearly they don’t want us to give them our attention.

I’ll gladly spend my time watching other things. Grass growing is more exciting than a bunch of spoiled rich white fucks who think they are something special.


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INEOS could have requested the poster pull it down out of embarrassment, and possibly paid them.

But.... why have sailing anarchy removed the post from the front page entirely, as if nothing ever happened?

Has someone been hurt? 



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Grass growing is more exciting than a bunch of spoiled rich white fucks who think they are something special.
Well, in some respects I agree, but the last AC was way more exciting then 12 metres.  And the next one will be something you just have to watch even if you don't want to.

I recall seeing the first still picture of a foiling AC50 not that long before the event and thought is must have been photoshopped.  Then less than a year after that they were completing the entire race without touching down once.  Based on that I expect the 75s to be even more impressive.  Let's hope anyway.


Kenny Dumas

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I think Hugh W said the foils aren't ballasted on this test boat.  Scaling phenomena, and probably simplicity as well.  Plenty of righting moment with the traps.

Pretty easy to calculate stability on the real boat to know it self rights.



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That boat didn't just trip.  Somehow it jump tacked into a death roll or some shit.

I guess I just don't get the point of this new crap boat.  Its either going to fail miserably, which will be entertaining but not provide any good racing.  Or its going to work, and go fast like the cats which makes tacking/gybing slow so we are back to 2 boats hauling ass around a course more or less following each other.

The soft wingsail technology is promising but they could have done that in cats.  These ridiculous wing/foils aren't anything that will trickle down to any but the most extreme boats.

Whats a waste of 4 years...


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