Should Joe Biden deliver the State of the Union Address from the White House?

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You fucks are losers.

The latest from the trenches: A Trumpist bud commented on how awful the big farm girl was. They aren't completely brain dead. Maybe.

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You fucks are losers.

The latest from the trenches: A Trumpist bud commented on how awful the big farm girl was. They aren't completely brain dead. Maybe.
That's a hopeful sign. Maybe Slant-Face Shuckabee is a bridge too far, even for trumpalos.

It would be nice to think we've already seen the depths of fascist derangement in the USA, and are in recovery. However the media empire pushing this bullshit is still ramping up.

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She sure talked A Lot about herself and not so much about what the Republicans are gonna do for the American people.

And so it goes.
You say that like you actually expect the Republicans to do anything for the American people.

I mean, other than tax cuts for the rich and a repeal of rights for women, people of color, and LGBTQ.


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It's still puzzling Arkansas voted for that halfwit. - left of the bell curve much.

Love how the "old" POTUS played the Repugs in Congress like a fiddle. - ‘played truth or dare’ with GOP and handily won. His strategic position is strong. Coming off the most productive first two years of any president since Lyndon B. Johnson, Biden’s political priorities have shifted from legislation to implementation. He has already achieved more in two years than most presidents in eight: the biggest investment in the middle class since Franklin Roosevelt, in infrastructure since Dwight Eisenhower, in health care since Barack Obama and in climate change and chip technology in history. Then there’s the biggest expansion of veterans’ benefits since World War II, the first gun safety law since Bill Clinton - and with this week’s jobs report, the lowest US unemployment rate since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were walking on the moon.


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With his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, President Joe Biden gave one of the best performances of his very long political career.

The text was solid, filled with bread-and-butter issues aimed at middle-class voters and notable for his plea for real change in American policing — a plea that, for once, was not undercut by a pro forma call for more funding of police departments. What really worked, though, was Biden’s delivery. Yes, he stumbled over words now and then, just as he always has in his lifelong battle with a stuttering affliction, but he did not look old; he looked seasoned and ready to take on his adversaries with a smile on his face.

Biden had a very useful foil sitting in the backbenches of the House, Georgia’s Republican U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. She and a few other members of the House GOP’s extremist caucus repeatedly heckled the president. He responded, sometimes with stern looks but more often with deft, good-humored retorts. In one hot exchange, he boxed the Republicans into standing up and cheering for Social Security and Medicare, even though many of them are keen to take a knife to those programs.

So, it was a great night for the president, a man who has languished in the polls and is seen among a great many Democrats as too old for a second term. Biden was funny, feisty, and clearly not a dithering old man. The hard reality, though, is that most Americans were not paying attention.

The bulk of the speech was a litany of the very real accomplishments of the Biden administration, but will that make a dent in the current public misperception? A recent ABC News poll has found that 62% of Americans think Biden has accomplished “not very much” or “little or nothing” during his time in office, a belief that is divorced from reality.

About 40% of those who cling to that view are likely Republicans who will never give the guy credit for anything, even if Biden promised each of them a free Dodge Ram pickup stocked with cases of Coors Light. The rest are the disconnected folks who would not let an old-fashioned State of the Union speech take their focus away from Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram post or a round of Grand “Theft Auto V.”

In his address, Biden had a lot to say that would appeal to a broad majority of Americans. Unfortunately, a broad majority of Americans were almost surely not paying attention.

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Fewer than 10%

And 4 in 10 trust Fox News, so that is a problem as they are fake news.MOSTLY MADE UP RIGHT WING NUT JOB PROPAGANDA....

Article is older, didn't find current viewershit. (Freudian slip not intended)


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