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Sure, Monaco is a procession but it takes 3 practice sessions and 3 qualifying stages over the 2 previous days to set that grid. Then there are 21 other venues on the calendar.
You're absolutely right but I think there's still more to it...

The unwashed masses get to the car race track in their cars...

I just don't see sailing breaking into the mainstream.
I think F1 cars are just much more relatable to the masses: Despite being high-tech marvels they still have an engine, brakes, and steering wheel, and as fanciful as it may be "ordinary" people can imagine themselves driving an F1 car.

On the other hand I can't begin to imagine sailing a SailGP boat.


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I love the high-tech sailing just like I love high-tech car racing, but I am one of thousands of SailGP viewers while just one of millions of F1 viewers.

I don't see those numbers changing in a hurry and I cannot see sponsors spending 10s or even 100s of millions like they do on F1 - including by Larry himself.

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I heard the drag racing term holeshot a few times...
In a drag race, it's possible for the slower vehicle to win, but only if its driver's reaction time is quicker.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Curling is an olympic sport and is on the TV nearly year round. I usually race Shields. SailGP is cool.
Hmmm. CurlingGP. You might be on to something there.
They did replace Sailing in the Paralympics with Wheelchair Badminton.
I understand it was because of the high cost of providing the infrastructure and the boats were just too damn expensive, oh along with learning curve for emerging countries. They just could not compete with the Over funded Euro teams that includes Britain and Australia.

Maybe Sailing will be replaced with the new Pickle Ball game in the Olympics.:p:p:p

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