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Since I don't have a drone or friends on boats with cameras, I figured I'd start a thread for those poor souls who're boat-proud but similarly deprived.

Here's ours in full lazy family cruising mode at the Rosario dock with sails tightly stowed in case of hurricane, dinghy at the ready to abandon ship, and hammock deployed in anger./monthly_2018_09/IMG_20180808_094750.jpg.f910649ef47db900edb4004e18f0f7ba.jpg



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Great Wet North
My latest boat on delivery day - 5 minutes from home. A full winter's worth of projects awaits.

As Delivered 9.18.JPG


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This is our boat in cruising mode at Friday Harbor.  This was a week after we bought it, and the first day that we sailed it.


Sunshade deployed, no sail cover because the one that came with the boat didn't fit, and a dinghy tied up to the stern.


I took this one on the same trip from halfway up the mast while we were motoring.  I don't remember why I climbed the mast while underway, but it doesn't require a drone!

We entered a fog bank an hour after this photo was taken and were closer than was comfortable to a container ship.  AIS was installed later that evening...

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