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I bought her in November 2019 and we had a short San Blas cruise. After three months kitesurfing in Cape Town, I tried in March 2020, but the country shut down around me. If I did not have my daughter with me and my wife back home I would have stayed there and gotten by, but they closed the airport from then till October, so short of sailing to Florida I would have had to stick it out, not very painfully, in the San Blas islands as several of my friends down there did. I had rotator cuff surgery in October so was laid up for many months.

Then I was down for three weeks working on the boat and going to do a short San Blas cruise with my wife when last Thursday I woke at 1AM in doubled-up pain with a kidney stone. My fourth in four decades, last required an operation, so I bailed. Three buses, two planes, one car, lots of painkillers and 27 hours later I was back home. CAT scan in ER confirmed four kidney stones. I've since painfully passed two small ones that were in ureters, operation scheduled for Wednesday for a big one in bladder, and there is a nasty little lurker in a kidney.

I'll go back in November with my daughter to give her the promised San Blas cruise, and then in February to go through the canal.
Man that's and adventure....I've only ever passed a scab from a contused kidney. Most painful thing I ever experienced.  Cape Town kitesurfing seems a nice recompense for thwarted cruising. I had windsurfing SA friends that kept asking me to go and I stupidly never went. 

Hope you get a nice San Blas cruise with your daughter. Good on you. 



Definitely not sailing. Shit, not even rolling.

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Made some progress since that day. 



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You say that like it's a bad thing
An observation is not a judgement.  Curious what it really is.   A Beetle Cat was the 2nd boat I ever sailed alone, just don't remember fully whether they had the tiny cabin or flush deck.  Twas in the early 70's.
Sorry, couldn't resist  :rolleyes:

Beetles don't have a cabin, but IIRC they have a slightly bigger sister with bench seats that are like 3~4" above the floorboards and a tiny cuddy. I forget what it was called.

The catboat is the perfect type for around here... big sail for light air, shallow draft, lots of leg room, fun to sail. My father had a 22 footer in Oriental for years, a cheaper copy of a Marshall. I sailed Beetles and Rainbows all the time, as a kid. Didn't appreciate them back then, of course.

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Finally here,


As I pulled blankets off at 5am, pulled on pants, fleece, made a cup of coffee and went on deck to feel the warmth of the sunrise, should we be archiving mornings in Maine, on the water for future generations?

The dew on decks, the chill and the warmth of the sun on your back.


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Definitely not sailing today.  (But that’s ok, we had a rocking sail last weekend, surprising ourselves how well the boat beat out of Nanaimo harbour channel in building 20 with a crap rolled up headsail and undersized old main [still, yes still, waiting for new, larger main to arrive...]...cautiously eyeing the lee shore behind us as we crawled out, and later hitting 7s going across Georgia Strait, which I’m good with for a 33’ steel hull.)

Today is painting day.  I installed a duct fan to take heat off the diesel heater chimney.  Paint first; then when it’s dry, some teak trim around the fan to pretty it up.  Hopefully it’ll keep my wife’s feet warmer when winter sailing —fall and winter are really just around the corner.  Well, it might not do a hell of a lot for onboard comfort, but it’s the thought and effort that counts anyway :)


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For those that don't get up before dawn. 

4:58am, the sun breaks over the eastern horizon.  

North Haven anchorage 4-58.jpg

5:38 and it's still the witching hour. 

North Haven anchorage 5-38am.jpg

North Haven village to our west still sleeps. 

North Haven anchorage 5-33am.jpg

8:00 it's over and sentry's take their positions(outside the head): 

North Haven anchorage 8-00 am.jpg

As it turned out, the lobster boat races took place this morning. A dozen or more 'racing' fishing boats came by. Some had flags, some did not. Two political party flags. More important was that most went through the anchorage at reasonable speed before cracking their 1000hp engines open. 


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