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An observation is not a judgement.  Curious what it really is.   A Beetle Cat was the 2nd boat I ever sailed alone, just don't remember fully whether they had the tiny cabin or flush deck.  Twas in the early 70's.
It’s a Sturdee Cat. Tough little boat. Edson Schock design. Originals were wood with canvas on deck. 14’4” with a 7’ beam. Draws 10” with board up. 

Whats this boat? that top window is so cool...
thats right, Benetuau 390 oceanis. yes I liked the windows but they crack easy and most owners will put "no step" signs on them. very $$ to replace.I found a photo of my boat with a former owner who raced it solo to hawaii. 



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So not sailing photos: Kids on the $1 sailboat. NAMO came with an older Yamaha (I think) 2 stroke outboard that they can't kill. 

Son young Tom at the helm, daughter MJ in the middle with her new 'friend', Tom (as if we need another Tom). Harry is there somewhere and new Toms dog, Tony (named after Anthony Bourdain). 

My wife and I both think US kids need to up their game in clothing, even when engaged in casual rec. What do you think? 

NAMO Tom MJ Tom.jpg

We were drifting in the harbor. Last weekend was windless. 

NAMO Xmas TT.jpg

They actually raised sails. The beauty of a simple boat and the optimism of youth. They  drifted backwards with good sail trim, for some reason. 

It nice to get out in the harbor, wind or not. Indian Island lighthouse on the left. Lens looking straight SOUTH, that's Owls Head on the right horizon. Ajax was somewhere out there on his way back to Rockland (out of the right side of frame). 

NAMO Tom MJ Tom far.jpg

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50+ year old Albacore.   Almost all components, standing rigging and running rigging original.  Purchased about 6 years ago for $250.  




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Our boat not sailing, next to Francis Lee some years ago.


She won't be sailing for a while since I am currently in hospital in Calgary with a broken leg. The same one I broke last time, also the one that had a knee replacement. Poor abused leg. Haulout on August 3 cancelled. Currently looking at options for getting home to Victoria. Bah humbug.


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