Showtime capsize on return trip


Super Anarchist
I wouldn't be quick to pass judgement.  I was on another boat around 15-20 miles behind Showtime when it capsized.  It was a tough time.  Most of the harbours along that coast are very shallow, <2m and these boats draw too much to get in.  Plus, pretty much all ports were closed given the bushfire emergency underway at the time.

Depending on where the boat was when that conversation with the owner happened, there was possibly very little shelter available.  Eden was literally on fire - in full emergency mode with embers circulating in the air and the Navy in action helping out, but if it was downwind to there, it was the least worst option.  But, sailing upwind back to Eden wasn't an option given the state of the keel bolts and weather. 

There was still a big residual northerly swell running so the south sides of the bays along the coast weren't very safe, even if you could get out of the southerly wind.  The next available safe-ish port after Eden was Batemans Bay - a bit over 80 miles downwind from Eden, and 40 miles from where the boat rolled.  That bay is too shallow for Showtime to get into the inner harbour, but there may have been some respite in the outer bay, depending on the sea state.  If not there, then Ulladulla was the next option - but that was another 25 miles.
They went past Eden. Call me soft, but three bolts not in place, multiple knockdowns - I might be looking for a beach to run it up on if no harbour available. Boats are insured & can be replaced.