shrink tube over splices

Sneaky Duck

Rochester, NY
I saw a company that sells spliced STS backstays and it has shrink tubing over the splices. Is there a benefit to doing that? What application would it be appropriate? I'm going through all the systems of my boat and replacing all the lines and there are a lot of spliced eyes and spliced on blocks. It's all below deck plates and out of the sun. I'm curious if I should consider doing that, or is it really just for looks?

Haligonian Winterr

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Halifax, NS
Only place I've used it is over whippings/ends for poly-tech cover eye splices in small diameter (5mm) ropes for lasers. Otherwise Millionaires tape is better for chafe and much more serviceable.


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Great Wet North
I wouldn’t do it on dyneema
Works fine if it's adhesive lined and you suck up the splice very tight a few times before shrinking it.

I've got a few Dyneema lines that terminate with halyard knots and I used shrink on the tail of the knot where it lies against the halyard after I had tensioned them with the winch a few times.

Worked great. Dunno about lifespan but my experience with it on poly double braid is that it lasts a lot longer than whipping.

As to looking cheap, I agree it's not as salty as whipping but I think any kind of tape looks a lot cheaper.

Kenny Dumas

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I’d be concerned about overheating the dyneema but haven’t bothered to check the numbers. I had some cool PTFE over PFA I used for hi reliability cable that would bake HDPE if you made it go off, I think.


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Heat shrink looks more professional if you use clear or use a color that matches the rope. Sherco Auto/Marine has a wide variety of colors and clear as well as some colored translucents.