Six meter worlds on now


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Over Labor Day weekend the museum of yachting held the classic boat regatta and the sixs used it for a tune up and North Americans. results listed but no pics :(

The boats are on the World cup course right now but postponement flag is up. This news by phone from Dana Olsen in his photo boat. Is anybody else out there?

one picture here and a blog of Fokus 3's adventure in and out of the water.



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Does a pic of someone getting geared up to go there count?




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Portsmouth, RI
Did they race today? Is there a scratch sheet? If anyone bumps into Brad ask him to drop a few dollars more into website development.

2009 Newport 6mR World Cup

9/8/09 – 1900hrs

After the initial attempt to start the first race into a northerly breeze lead to an abandonment, the patience of Principal Race Officer, Dr. Robin Wallace finally paid off. By mid-afternoon a light southerly breeze filled in enabling the first race of the 6mR World Cup to commence. A fleet of approximately 30 spectator and support boats were on hand to watch the thirty-four yacht fleet sail a 4 x 1.2 mile/leg windward/leeward course set at 190 degrees with separate starts for the Modern and Classic divisions.

In the Modern Division Sophie II (SWE-132) skippered by Hugo Stenbeck got the gun, picking off Scoundrel (GBR-96) helmed by Rob Gray at the finish. Andy Parker’s Finnegan (US-123) took third in the only race of the day.

In the Classic Division, relative sailing newcomer, Jesse Smith of Jamestown, RI took first place in his first World Cup competition sailing with his local crew onboard Totem (US-51). It was a good day for the North Americans as second place went to Peter Hofmann’s Goose (US-81) and Gallant (KC-10), helmed by Eric Jespersen took third.

Anticipation builds for tomorrow as heavier wind is expected to keep the fleet racing inside Narragansett Bay.




You have now put yoursef in the position to keep us all fully informed, unless you know somewhere that they are posting results.

Thanks, THC



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There's a few more photos at Facebook. Join the World Cup:
Not gonna out you, but I did talk to Dana today.......
Got into Newport tonight. Amazing place. Supposed to blow tomorrow.
I guess it is hard to upload stuff from the jet. Sorry. Are you going to get to update us? It looks liike all our light air practice served well for the PSSMA. I hope our guys have a few extra chutes and genies. Have fun and try to keep your hands off molly's little boat :lol: Is Den 65 the ex. buzzy?

I'll be sailing on Cherokee (US-53) every day except today, so I can give a report of yesterday from our point of view.

Yesterday was a pretty long and slow day. We all got towed out to the line and drifted around for a while in very light breeze. The RC got a start off for the modern fleet at around 1230 (goal was 1200) and then started the sequence for the classics but the wind had been shifting well right and it died during that sequence so they AP'ed our start and abandoned the moderns' race. After that, the wind swung round to the south and dropped to 0-2 over the course of next 1:45-ish and all we could do was drift around for a while more while waiting for the sea breeze to fill in. That was quite enough time for many of our crew to eat lunch and take a nap before racing later in the afternoon.

At roughly 1530, the course was adjusted to the south/southwest and wind had picked up enough to race in. RC raced us on a W4 with offset and gate. The moderns started without incident because their fleet was so small, but the classics, with 24 boats on the line, were more aggressive at the quite favored pin and many people were pushed over. RC then squared the line back but people still pushed the pin a bit too much the second time and a good fraction of the fleet was again over early. For the third start, RC went to black flag and we were finally able to get a clean start off. Unfortunately Cherokee had gotten too far from the starting line and crossed at boat about a minute late, but we had good speed and caught up to a few other boats soon after starting.

By that time, the modern fleet had made its way back down the course and were rounding the gate (right of the boat-end of the line) as the classics were starting. This kept many of the classics from tacking out right because of the moderns in the way, so much of the fleet went out to the left side of the course for the first beat. We had much trouble pointing with the rest of the fleet so we more or less fell off the planet going upwind but were able to stay in contact with some of the older boats. We got to the first mark right behind Djinn (FIN-67) Alana (US-52)and Mena (G-30) ahead of Scout (NZL-1) and Clarity (D-22). Not much changed on the run and we rounded the gate mark and went off right alone and in clear air.

We banged the right corner and got wound right into the mark as the breeze slowly shifted toward the west, so we had caught up to Djinn and Mena at the windward mark and gotten in front of Alana. The last run was more of a high broad reach on port from the offset to the finish so, after getting set up for a normal starboard set, we gybed and had a very smooth impromptu gybe-set. There wasn't much in the way of strategy for the last run because of the point of sail, so all we could do at that point was follow Djinn and Mena to the finish while keeping the other three behind us. Scout, closest behind, tried to go above us but went too high for the extra speed they got and had to gybe back to the finish, so we finished in 21st on Cherokee.

Totem and Goose getting 1-2 was not a huge surprise (at least to me, as a local) because of the local knowledge on board both boats. Brad Read was doing tactics on Totem and three guys who've been with the local Shields fleet for quite some time were sailing on Goose.


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Some carnage today I was told... three boats DNFed with gear breakage. I only know that one of the three for sure will be back out tomorrow, no idea on the other two.


Pretty windy today - 18 - 22 with some pretty rough water. No carnage, really, but a few withdrawals due to various gear failures.

In the Moderns it was GBR 96 Scoundrel looking very solid with Sophie II and May Be XIV closing in, though unable to catch the British boat. Scoundrel appeared more stable in the rough water and simply made no errors.

Full Modern results:

In the Classics KC 10 Gallant under Eric Jespersen gave a clinic on how to take a lead and maintain it. US 51 Totem moved back to second overall in a three way tie with US 81 Goose and KC 19 Saskia II, though GBR 22 Titia, FIN 12 Fridolin and several other boats remain in touch with the podium should there be enough races for a throw out.

Full Classic results:



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I heard through the grapevine that one of the classics from Puget Sound was in a collision during the tune up races that was followed by a heroic repair effort . Anybody want to spread rumors or post photos of the damage/repair?