software upgrade update

Software upgrade?


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Spare a thought for the hapless sod that did this.
There's an old adage that you get what you pay for.
I suggest that the new owners sack their nephew and pay for someone with some experience with Forums with older ANARCHISTS ( I think we can all agree that this "well known member" thing sucks)

There are some things I do like, that function thingy at the top of the post box is much easier to use.


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I don't know where this user got that url from. is not a valid url
I didn't pull that url out of my ass! The link to "a previous post" worked on the old forum (with a correct url) and was broken in the transition.

I'm trying to be constructive in coping with the massive disruption of this forum "upgrade", which has cost the new owners a lot of goodwill among the audience (forum members). But if you start blaming users for the misery caused by admin actions beyond their control...

There are only 3 categories in this forum: Sailing, non-sailing and On The Water Archives

It's not a big deal, the broken URLs (in your bookmarks) are only categories and they are only three.
Dude, you really don't get it, eh? So be it.

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Two more things about IGNORE...
  1. Posts from ignored users are no longer visible at all, there is no option to view (peek at) them.

  2. Entire threads started by ignored users aren't visible at all - not terrible but not an improvement either.
Here's what I learned about the new IGNORE.

Yes, they are no longer visible. Unless someone quotes them. Then you see a blanked out quote with a note that you're ignoring the content, with a link to View the hidden content. Then it instantly shows ALL the content from the ignored user on the page.

This is a significant improvement to the Ignore feature in my book. In the old software, when someone quoted an Ignored user, you still saw the content, which rather defeated the purpose of ignoring the idiot. In this version, you do not, but you have a quick and easy way to view it when people quote.

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One other thing I noted on the "View First Unread Post" thing.

It seems that if you open a thread and read it, then go away and come back when there are new posts by clicking the thread title it takes you to the first unread one. This seems easy enough.

However, if you click a thread when there are no new posts it takes you to page one, post one again.

I could be seeing this wrong, but that's how it appears to behave if you get too excited about a thread and keep clicking it for new posts.


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Messages aka "conversations" are all or nothing, apparently. Can't block known psychos. So I went "nothing," sorry. Will miss some of you, you know who you are.
I forget if I ignored anyone. Tried to look but the "resurrected old system" didn't have that in my profile. Ah well. Messages were gone too.
I have a new avatar because the old one looked too weird and offcenter in the new format.
I turned off an insane number and variety of possible "alerts."
Does anyone know who the new owner is?


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I forget if I ignored anyone. Tried to look but the "resurrected old system" didn't have that in my profile.
This is the old forum, no changes have been made to it so if you don't have anything in your profile there then it doesn't exist.

Ah well. Messages were gone too.
what messages?

Can't block known psychos
you still can ignore users here?


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@ProaSailor yes as usual and I found it in another thread. Thanks as always for your suport.

@techadmin I was late to the party and by today whatever had been "saved" wasn't. My profile on the old system looked exactly like the one on the new system.

Now "conversations" can allow members, people you follow or NOBODY to initiate one with you. So to avoid a couple of "interesting" conversationalists, one has to say nobody. Which I did. You cannot use the "Ignore" function to disallow direct messages or "conversations."
If a user is ignored, and they start a new conversation with a user, the user that is ignoring them never sees the conversation.
"was" nice when you could see a message was read

where did the LIKES go ??? from Whey over 1,000 likes to 500 reactions

Didn't register My Reaction when I saw that

and when 100 messages fills the message box

How did I get as many messages as I had posts ??

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