Solo sailor rescued near Puerto Rico


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The crew of the chemical tanker Silver Dover is being praised for rendering assistance to a boater in distress in the Caribbean Sea on Saturday morning, approximately 57 nautical miles southeast of Puerto Rico.

Rescued was an 80-year-old man who was the sole passenger aboard the 44-foot sailing vessel Tao when it lost steering and the boater lost his ability to access the vessel’s compass and emergency tiller.

The Tao issued a VHF-Channel 16 communication at 1:45 a.m. Saturday reporting the vessel was in distress and requesting assistance.

etc. safe and sound aboard the tanker, heading for Houston. USCG left a beacon aboard (AIS??) to mark the position of the boat.

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Hooray for an 80 year old sailor being out there. Did the binnacle get trashed? That would be interesting. Don’t need a compass if no steering (and v.v.?). Causes me to wonder if I still have a backup wet compass. Have not seen it for a long time. The A/P has a compass display...


He’s a bit young to give up his ship. I’m interested in how he lost his access to the compass. The emergency tiller will only work if your rudder is intact and operable. Poor guy lost his yacht, wish I could go fetch it back for him.
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It looks pretty difficult to see much less read the binnacle compass from the emergency tiller position on the aft deck, or aft below, especially by yourself, at 80, at night.

It's tagged now, someone will get paid to get it.