Some Old Design Clippings

Thought I'd start this to show a little history. Alan Gurney for a beginning point. The Wolverine, a 33 footer, Nepenthe, and WP.

The Wolverine design dates from about 1962. 





And here are the 1969 Canada's Cup boats, Manitou and Niagara (from S&). These were published in the design section together, October 1969.Manitou is in the UK; Niagara has disappeared from history, last reported in Florida. These 2 boats were a leap in to the future with racing vs cruising features, but were very heavy vessels.




And here are a couple from Charley Morgan, the 45 and custom 60' Maradea. The 45 is s striking looking boat, it is reported that about 12 were built by Morgan. He is still active, living near the Gulf Coast of Florida. And yes, he once bestowed a "God Bless You, Jeff" upon me as he did for Bob Perry. Although not at all religious, the way he stated it meant something deeper and I went away with a very appreciative feeling.



The site stopped loading up images, so must wait until tomorrow. There are many more of these I have, and thought it would be interesting to post them. Hope there are a few yacht design history buffs out there!

If anyone would like more info, feel free to send questions. There is more than a single page on many of these designs.

Over next few weeks will be post many more. The files will be handed off to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum later this year. They are building up a research library.

A couple of days ago, dug in to the files and scanned a few from German Frers and Scott Kaufmann. Frees produced some really elegant designs under IOR. Just as a historic note, German had a first cousin from Argentina named Ernesto Guevara, better known as Che. Yes, the revolutionary from Cuba.

Frers first:This 39 foster was from the early 1960s, and think it was Frers the elder, flooded by the 46 and 49 footers of the mid 1970s.




Here is a select from Britt Chance. First a 42 footer that he drew up, but was never informed if any were built. Then the famous Equation, at 68'). Britt would seek the most complicated systems for adjusting things; and constantly brought revisions while a boat was being built. In all honesty, I might have been one of the few people that got along with him, and can say that I was not always patient with some people.

Here they are:

Chance42 copy.jpg



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