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Ease the sheet.

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The purpose of that deck strike noise first is to just give you a moment of hope…..only to snatch it away when it’s followed by the splash. When the boat gods really want to torture you it rolls/slides slowly along the toe rail and hesitates at a scupper just before it makes the dive.
I see a similarity between the things you do before marriage, and the hope of doing those things after you're married.....


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What do they have to say? :D
The first one died of breast cancer a few years after we divorced at age 46, my daughter was 10 years old at the time.  But she calmed down a bit after the divorce and we had cordial relations until she passed.  She was the mother of my only child (that I know of*).  My second ex calls me at least once a month to chat and tells me she still loves me.  I'm still married to the third one so...

I initiated the 2 divorces.

* Years ago my now 30 year old daughter asked me if she has any siblings.  I told her no, not that I know of.  She didn't like that and proceed to ask me what "Not that I know of" meant.  She has threatened many times to get a genetic profile so she can search for any possible siblings.  I told her "Go ahead, I'm curious too."  It has become a long standing joke between us.  

Then there was the time I told my daughter, by then an adult, that I was dating a younger woman.  She asked me how young.  I replied "Not that young, older than you anyway."  My daughter said sarcastically "Yeah, sure dad, how much older, 5 days?"  I said "No dear daughter, 16 days older."  Her yelling over the phone almost damaged my hearing.  I told my daughter that it was unlikely we would get married and even if we did, she wouldn't have to call the woman 'mom'.  That time her yelling did damage my hearing I think.  Kids nowadays!  

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Demoing it sucks!

It's also amazing how quickly the material fills a dumpster!

Always interesting to see how nice and clear old 2x4 studs where!

I was 18 and doing demo on a plaster walled house built in the 50’s.

It was amazing how nice the studs were…

Mrs PB shot down my first attempt at remodel plans……..

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Years ago, my acrobatic instructor lost his wife to cancer.  They were in their 60s.  He sold the house in town, and drywalled off a 10x10 area of the hangar.  Put an air conditioner in that space as it was southern Florida.  Had the bed/kitchen/bath and the rest was hangar.  I could have been happy with that.

He remarried at 69 or so and they built a house next to the hangar.


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