Soupy Sales Died


Super Anarchist
RIP Morris Supman.

Served in Navy, particpated in Okinawa landing, sailed a bit while on west coast. Enhanced the use of my bong. His humor made my cheap dirt weed palatble.

Without knowing it, Soupy instilled a bit of anarchy in all who watched his show (cause he was so crazy).

Eternal peace to you my man and perpetual pies in the face.

One Story about Soupy: While doing his local kid's show in NY, his producer signaled him he had to fill one minute...

He ad libbed something like...

"Hey kids, I wancha to go get your mothers and fathers wallets and take out the green pieces of paper with old guys with beards and send them to me at this TV Station. In return, I'll send you a Post card from Costa Rica."

He got nearly $80 grand and then had to mail back all but the Monopoly money. Got suspended for a couple of weeks and showed us the power of the media.

Miss ya.



Here's a page with some of the pranks on the show:

Including video from this one:

" The most well known gag from the show ranks as one of the classic outtakes in TV history, thanks to Dick Clark’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes TV show. So without further ado, I give you the true story of the famous “Naked Lady Behind The Door.”

There never was a written script for the show; Soupy and Clyde would just work out what they were going to do, giving the director a bare-bones outline for camera angles and sound cues. The bit was for the ET man to play a recording of a woman screaming. Soupy would then run to the door, open it, and look down to see a pair of women’s shoes being pulled by fishing line, running from a pair of men’s shoes. Blackout, cut to commercial.

The studio that day was filled with curious onlookers who were in on the joke. Soupy knew that something was up, but he wasn’t quite sure what. The show started precisely at noon, and ran smoothly. At about 12:27 Soupy, as rehearsed, heard a woman’s scream. He ran to the door, opened it, and instead of a pair of women’s shoes saw a nude woman wearing nothing but a smile. Soupy stole a quick glance at the master monitor, hoping that the curvaceous cutie’s image wasn’t being broadcast live over the airwaves. Sure enough, to his horror the monitor showed exactly what Soupy had feared- a smiling nude woman. The engineers were clever enough to patch a different camera angle into the monitor, making Soupy think that thousands of Detroit kiddies were at home eating their lunches in front of the TV while getting a lesson in female anatomy. In reality, what the kids saw was a speechless Soupy standing next to an open door, nothing more. Soupy saw what he thought was his career passing before his eyes."


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