Source for Boom/Mainsail Cover, in LA or on the Net?



Although I'm not necessarily looking for the "best" craftsmen. Since it's such a simple job, cost will be a big factor.
When I replaced mine I checked the online suppliers with low cost in mind. I ended up buying from a local loft for about the same as what it would have cost from one of the internet places. Give your sailmaker a call, you might be pleasantly surprised.


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Didn't mean that cost was the only factor. I'd rather buy locally, as long as the premium isn't more that $20-30. There are several local custom canvas lofts that do good, but expensive work. May end up going that direction, but want to check the alternatives as well.

Hey, sweatshop workers gotta eat too...


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The material is Sunbrella. Many many color options. However, you will need an industrial machine to sew the seams and especially the edges as they need to be turned under with no selvidge oR they will unrallel. That means three layers. Thus canvas and sailmakers doing this type of work.



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Thread is a BIG factor in how long the cover will last, Gore-tex will last @ 10yrs before UV will rot it out regular poly

used in sailmaking can start to die in @ 5.



John Rushing in Santa Barbara does great work. Almost local...

Come up on a Wednesday and we'll take you out (until 10/17 or in March). I'll make you drive!



In West Long Beach, off Anaheim at the L. A. River, is Harbor Custom Canvas. They did a great job on a custom cover for me, so a standard cover should a piece of cake for them. . .


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Condor, Wednesday in SB sounds great. Week nights in Long Beach and The Gulch are already done for the year.

Harbor was my first call. They do great work. But at a price. In this case, $350 (about $200 higher than the reputable low bidder). Kinder Industries on the east coast also does excellent work. Their price is $300 delivered.



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Of course you want to buy locally from a canvas person who cares about serving the local marina where you keep your boat.

Take a walk around teh marina and introduce yourself to anybody you see on a baot. Ask who did teh canvas work. Try to find out how pleased they were with the transaction. Find out if the person is a happy customer who offers a phone number or a not so satisfied person who tries not to be too mean to the incompetent un reliable jerk who totally screwed up the work and over charged anyway.

Then , after choosing someone to call, make sure to mention the happy person's boat where the very most money was spent. The supplier will be likely to consider you as a close friend of that large customer who jolly well better be properly taken care of.

Note: that tactic could backfire on you. New people pull that shit on me all the time and expose themselves as newbies who don't realize my general lack of ability and sense causes me to screw everybody equally with equal lack of remorse. When they mention someboidy else referred them, it makes me even more nervous and distracted and my work quality further suffers.


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