Sourcing recycled keel

During the Covid confinement, I built myself a 22’ daysailer based on Joel White’s Fox Island Class design.
The design called for a 950 lb. lead fin keel. I had no interest in the aggravation, danger or cost of casting a keel or paying someone to do so. Instead, I recycled the keel of a J/24 that was being scrapped.
It all worked out fine.

I’m now thinking of building another, bigger, boat, recycling the keel of some other boat.
Here’s my question. How do I, in some systematic way, source a lead keel of roughly 2500 lbs and tolerable design for its scrap value?

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From time to time I dispose of keels, bulbs and piles of lead pigs

First I ask the shipyard to take it
Most times I’m forced to sell it to the lead … scrap metal guys

Suggest you check with local scrap metal guys or shipyards then ask about keel quality lead ..
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Check out the boatyards or yards that are scrapping boats. My local yard currently has a very nice looking "Peterson" keel - looks about 1/2 Tonner size so maybe 2500 - 3000 Lbs.

The wrecking yard in Lynden is constantly scrapping boats but the keels are the first thing to go - they melt them into pigs so you gotta be johnny on the spot if you want an intact keel.


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Right now I know of about 5 boats waiting on being crushed at the local marina here in eastern NC. Paceship 26, Seafarer 31, Pearson 30, Pearson 35, Hunter 37.... I am sure there are more. Usually done in the winter. Sometimes commercial fishermen cut them up and haul them away to have the lead for fishing purposes.