Southern Ocean Heating - re: "Irreversible" on SA headline


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you should start taking your meds again.

Not sure if that is humour but in any case why not try your hand at riddles instead.

Start at the top with a real toughie… “Why did the acclaimed climate scientist start litigation against a guy who said he was a fraud… but then paid out millions rather than present evidence?”.

If you get that the next one should be easy … “If the hockey stick curve is fraudulent what does that tell us about global warming settled science?”.

Lastly … “Why did the climate warrior answer the previous riddles with a deluge of settled science?”. A piece of cake by comparison I think.

Maybe you feel a calling to humour. OK but you need to work on it. Why not have a look at the funny guys on this site. You might start with tp#12 - he has to be the funniest guy in the world. He doesn’t seem to understand the point under discussion so what makes him so funny you ask? Well the secret seems to be to post a picture. I bet you are chuckling already! And then as if that is not funny enough – tp#12 posts the same picture again – comic genius for sure! You could do the same! (Don’t use the same pics tp#12 used. I don’t think that would be funny. Get a pic of your own. Maybe a bottle of medicine would be a hoot because it ties in with your meds idea.)

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