southern ocean mayhem, mayhem mayhem!!!

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Well said leftsa, I believe that is the only way to stop whaling. Negotiation and maybe some pressure from Japans trade partners. The antics of these attention seeking arseholes are only harming the chances of stopping the hunt by creating sympathy for the Japanese. These deranged pricks don't give a fuck about whales. There only focus is there own notoriety and self importance and that culture comes directly from the ego of that cunt Watson. Read his website and meet the turd (like I have). You will soon see the jerk for what he is.

I hope the Dutch do de-flag his vessels and that useless fucking Labor government we have here in OZ have the stones to stop these lunatics before someone is killed. If they don't it is a matter of when, not if, someone dies. And unfortunately it will probably be some of those poor misguided simpletons he prays upon to man his boats.

They are playing the most dangerous game of all and they don't have the seamanship skills to be playing it.

We can only hope that if someone has to die to stop this stupidity, it will be Watson himself, not one of the stupid wanna be hippies he has conned.

This is going to end in tears.



Super Anarchist
Portsmouth, RI
It still amazes me that that the Japanese Navy or JDF have not dispatched a few ships to fire on and/or sink these pirates.
Will, I normally agree with most everything you say but in this case it's all about the environment.

Are you a member of Save The Bay? What if the North Koreans came into Narragansett and dumped a bunch of lead or mercury? Would you take them on? I'll bet you would.

For some of us the Sothern Ocean is our Narragansett Bay and those whales are our quahogs. Thier health = the health of our waters in a general sense. How are the fishing quota's out you way working? How did we even get to that point?

I'd like to see the whaling phased out over a period of 10-15 years, thereby giving the Japanese whaling industry a chance to make a soft landing into a more progressive direction.

Barleymalt had a good point. The Japanese are engaged in a legal enterprise on the open sea. I don't like and neither do you, the actions being taken are not the answer. From your example though, the one thing that would happen if this was occuring in US waters is that the US CG and/or Navy would not be pussy footing around like the Japanese are.

Will Museler



Super Anarchist
Portsmouth, RI
some of you guys really need to do some homework here
this is not in "international waters" this in an area of ocean claimed by the australian government as part of their antarctic terrirory

as for their actions being legal link

you can decide on how relevant that legislation is for you and the grand old us of a, but the Australian government has made it very clear that this is not legal they are just being inactive because it would threaten australias extensive trade agreements with japan. the seasheperds are down there stirring shit to get people talking and get the media excited, thus putting pressure on the australian government to intervene.

Australia has sent gunboats after other countries poaching fish in these waters before link

but we do fuck all trade with chile so why not shootem if they're being naughty

as for the research argument, for those of you that haven't worked it out yet its total shit, japan says they kill the whales in order to age them by cutting a bone out of their ear, which is inaccurate to begin with, and you can get more meaningful info from their skin that peels off when they are breaching

Japan is yet to publish any research.

as for the colregs of both situations, this isn't a regatta guys in the real world of playing with big boats like these in open water if your not taking avoiding action at half a mile out you're in the wrong, which means they are all in the wrong, end of story. in any maritime court they would all lose their tickets in a heartbeat. And be looking at serious jail time if anyone was injured.

my 2 cents. As a means to an end the SS could get a great result out there by doing stupid and irresponsible stuff, I don't condone it but at least they are putting a big fuck off spotlight on whats happening

the whalers on the other hand know they are bullshitting the world to make money and frankly I think it would be a great lesson to the worlds children if they sunk

oh and with the carp thing

how would you react if some hillbilly started backing up his pickup, full of carp fry, At your local boatramp. i know i'd run into him.
Your argument goes to nothing once you cite wikipedia.


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