Soverel 26 fire

Tacoma Mud Flats

Have star, will steer by
Here is a quick synopsis:

Serial philanderer Jesse James writer's thought it would be funny to enter a race with an V8-powered sailboat. Clearly didn't consider basic hydrodynamics.

Project script writers (or design team lackeys?) can't organize inebriation in a brewery which is supposed to be entertaining? Project is a failure. So it was then fun to blow their mess up on the hard using Gatling guns from two helos in the desert. (Why not sink it with in a Viking funeral with the design team on board?)

The penalty for failure should have been to restore what was is a respectable mid-'70s sailboat to perfection and sell it on Craigs List for $5K.

Discovery channel canceled his ass in 2006.

They are desperate for content, so he gets a re-boot. Why not Monster Philanderer?

Cheated on Sandra Bullock? Really?

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