Spin size-does it really matter?


Every kite is too small until you're on your ear B)
Or in our case, til you go home like this...

Is that fast?



Super Anarchist
Wait...you mean you're gonna have to sit conventionally now while driving?
me no drive. Olivia is now the driver. WE bought her a laser kit this spring and she is a monster. yesterday at sail school she took 8 of 9 races and sometimes sailed up into the laser II class that started 3 minutes before. the insrtuctors want her to jump a grade. She has yet to see over 10 knots though. but not bad for 12. i am just the trimmer and BN. If you have any inclination to bow on Hanko we'll make room, Buddy. Olav cup an NA's coming up.
Sockeye, I missed this bit of the thread....Gentlemen racing? Are you onboard too? Send me a PM!


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