Spinnaker handling preferences?


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With a DF920X I used to prefer a top down furler when sailing solo. The main reason was you do not have to leave the cockpit to furl the sail, and you only have to do one thing at a time.


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Bush sailor said it best. I’ve seen far too many fouled socks and Furler’s ruin one’s day. Get your local sailmaker to put a patch and belly button cord on the chute and lead it under the main over the boom (A four mentioned letterbox take down ) and down the main hatch for a neat and tidy take down after blowing the tack


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Foolish wrote "you don't want to have to go stand on the foredeck with your arm highs above your head while you bring down the sock..."

True, and I don't do that. I run the sock's up/down (dousing) lines back to the cockpit. Go deep if possible, blow the sheet and pull down the sock without ever leaving the cockpit. You need to replace the sock's stock line with a much longer one and install a couple of open jam cleats aft, to keep the lines snug and avoid fouling them while flying the spinnaker.

My spinnakers are asymmetrics but this also works when I'm using them on a pole (to square back the tack for running). Even for gybing with the pole I'll pull the sock down about 2/3, go shift the pole, go back to the cockpit and pull the sock back up. It just takes the drama out of all this.

I tried a top-down furler with my A2s several years ago and it was a mess. I do use a (bottom-up) furler on my flatter code sails. 38' monohull with approx. 90 sq meter A2s, 20+ years of singlehanded racing.
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Not that light..... 4500lbs stripped down..... 4800 with all gear on board. Think slightly detuned Melges 32 for ocean. 7'3" draft with a 2000lbs T-bulb, very stiff. Articulating below deck sprit.
I was definitely looking at the wrong spec on "sailboat data". Sounds like a really fun boat.


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I concur with the notion that you should plan for the worst. Recently had a large asym up on 31'er when the rudder broke off, broached, beam on, kite full. Would've been a tough furl, almost had rigged a martinbreaker but didn't think that I'd need as the boom bag ruled out letter boxing. Almost flagged it but seemed like a bad call so winched the corners together then just gathered and dropped. Went ok but unfun, plan for the worst. Point is, it's doable even if you can't make a lee but think it through. It does want to yank you overboard so stay under control.