Spinnaker Pole Location


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it is fairly easy to keep the downhaul at the current location. what we did on a 48ft racer with the pole was stow at the boom. downhaul attached mid foredeck as usual, but with a low friction ring around it, which we can pull to the mast base from the pit, to keep it out of the way.



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Every symmetrical boat I've done bow for, I always set up the same way. Pole stays on the mast, topping lift in the jaws at the mast as well, keeps it out of the way and keeps the pole ready. On a 36.7 I'm pretty sure I don't want to be swinging the pole off the boom and into the foretriangle. At the set you just pop the jaw to release the topping lift, raise the pole up the mast track, and then start your feeds. Works a treat.

Lazy jib sheet goes on your shoulder before you disconnect the pole from the boom, pole goes out under the sheet onto the new guy, pole pushed forward to get on the mast and then bob's your uncle. Sheet never becomes a problem, you're always ready to tack once the jib goes up and the kite comes down. 

I can see putting the pole on the boom for boats that don't have a real foredeck but for something like the 36.7 my method works really well, keeps things tidy, and works very quickly.


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