Spinnaker wraps around cement buoy in SF Bay during race


Use full screen mode. We've all had issues sailing, I feel for this fellow but he skillfully managed to get out of a potentially dangerous situation. As I was watching a sailing race regatta yesterday of 505's and J70's off Crissy Field in San Francisco this fellow had a heck of a time getting the spinnaker back, it eventually ripped in half either from the buoy, or from the force of dragging it full of sea water afterwards. Props to a good save !



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Saddest part of this story....the owner brought the kite down in a a shiny plastic bag that morning.....ooops

This was the inaugural regatta for the newly formed J111 class on SF Bay. 6 boats on the line, with 3 more adding in the next month.

These guys fought through it all and placed 3rd overall in the regatta. Went on to get a bullet first race following day...NEVER give up!

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All of the above true!

Combination of events led to this. Port rounding with offset mark close to shore and Anita Rock commonly comes into play often. Jib went out too far delaying the kite fill, when it did fill the pole retracted naturally the boat wipes out. One attempt at turning down when that fails we put boat into tack and motor on. The crew reacted quickly and took care of cleaning up the mess and managed to avoid hitting the rock itself and getting completely tangled on the marker. Two people almost fell overboard on initial broach as well. We withdraw from that race and bounce back by winning the next race much better way to end your day. Lots of ups and downs that weekend but with 2,7,1,2,2 score we show promise.