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Yeah, good stuff. On this wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_knot you find a perfect description of how to tie a diamond knot. That is exactly the knot that is used in the commercially available shackles. For example from rope manufacturer Liros www.liros.com or rigging supplier Kohlhoff www.kohlhoff-online.de
Like this one from Liros:

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Kohlhoff make their shackles the other way (like my drawing above), seen here as part of a "snatch block" (cool stuff anyway, check out the site!):

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This diamond knot used in both the Liros and Kohlhoff shackles is (as mentioned before) way faster to make, but less good looking. Decide what you want, good looks or fast making...

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thanks for the tips. These look pretty awesome.

No, theres nothing you can do but leave them sticky out and cut them off. Thats one thing that makes it less good looking. On the other knot (the Ashley book one) the ends are cut off just underneath the knot. Looks way better of course.
I'd have to try both knots out. With the diamond knot you could wipe the 2 ends together and the tighten the knot so they are right at the top of the knot. Seams like a lot less work than un-braiding the rope and mating up pairs from each rope.

Thanks for sharing. Very cool stuff!



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I don't understand how the Liros one works, could someone explain how it attaches/comes off, from the picture it looks like you would have to untie the knot.

I have the feeling I am being an idiot, but can't figure it out



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Just 'milk' the cover back a bit to make the eye bigger, until it's big enough to pass over the knot.

It's cleverly made - just a single piece of 12-strand line, middled, then bent back on itself making a small eye. Then one leg is pushed into and inside the other one for 6 inches or so, making it sort of a loose double braid, and then popped out the side again. The terminal button knot is then made using both legs. The elegant idea is that at the main bearing point the whole thing looks like a 12+12 piece of double braid, with the cover and core taking equal loads.

Very nice piece of kit, as you'd expect from Liros. Quality company.


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