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Hey Christian, thanks for the comment on the V830 I mentioned. I suspected she might be good in llightish air as well.

What other boats are competing in PHRF1 in the AYC Wednesday night series?

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This is the current line-up in PHRF 1

11. Christian H Jensen RORC, EYC 93239 Wanda PHRF / Brian Bennett / Viper 830 72

12. William White/Harald Mangold AYC 53038 Xiberger PHRF / Cape Fear Yachts / Cape Fear 38 75

13. Craig & Dotty Saunders AYC USA 1889 MONKEY DUST PHRF / Carroll Marine / Tripp 33 78

14. Laurent Givry HHSA 60167 Capricorne PHRF / Beneteau / First 36.7 78

15. Jim Carkhuff Ken Schmidt Jim Carkhuff 2609 Hall Pass PHRF / Race Boats / GP 26 78

16. David Malkin Mike Lahowin AYC 57 MI2 PHRF / J-Boats / J-88 87

17. Start forrest AYC USA 99645 Serenity PHRF / Dufour / 36 UCAS RFA 90

18. Norman Olson St Francis Yacht Club USA65 Qa2 PHRF / J-Boats / J 92S 96

19. Benedict Capuco AYC 40818 Gratitude PHRF / MG Yachts / MG38 102

We rate 72 with a fairly generous squaretop - class main would land us at 78. The ratings on Cheasepeake bay are different than many other venues. In Chicago we rated 66 with the same setup.

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Two GP 26's are based out of Annapolis. Factory boat hull #4 and ours hull #9. Hulls #7 and 10 are in Soloman's about 1 hour south.

Christian has Wanda currently in Annapolis. Solid race on Wednesday BTW Christian. We had a case of the slows.

Local PHRF rules require 5 boats for a sportboat start so we are almost to critical mass.
Thanks but I would not call that race solid - we had a substantial wardrobe malfunction (aka kite wrap) during a gybe not too long after the start which put us on our back foot (it was ugly). Luckily it was light air so that long light air upwind back home certainly was our comeback.

BTW - I saw you signed up for the Miles River Race - you are in the wrong PHRF fleet - you should be in our fleet (A2) - might want to change that before Saturday
Thanks Christian. This was the first notice I received.



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I've always been surprised the M24 didn't take off in Annapolis as a good light air performer.
Annapolis sailors can't afford or handle an M24 and Triple should get a Cal 25. That boat sounds perfect given his ability.

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21' long. 30' with the prod out. And once you learn to get it going you will always have your prod out too.

Sadly, it is heading to somewhere, anywhere, where it is allowed to sail. I pretty much gave up sailing on anything not a dinghy after the boat was kicked from every weekend event on the Bay.

"Problem with those is the only competition you will have is wed nights. Most weekend racing does require cat 4 (which includes lifelines) which would exclude the Viper 640 and the Vx"

Also doesn't the 20' limit come into play as well?

I am not overly concerned about Weds night only as I often spend weekends entertaining clients.
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