spraying nonskid particles onto rolled paint


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sometimes a professional doing something they have 100's of hours doing under perfect conditions

can make it look a little easier and better than a first attempt by an amateur will turn out



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Covering it thoroughly with a shaker and then brooming it off after it dries will get you a great surface.  If you want to go faster, use a leaf blower set on high and held close to the surface about one hour after you roll and dust, then immediately paint your second coat.  Assuming you are using awlgrip with a recommended ratio in a normal temperature shop. 


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Mix the griptex into the thinned awlgrip 

Use the same thinner ratio that you would use for normal roll and tip 

use a 50 50 mix of fine and coarse griptex , it give a better sheen 

apply the mixed griptex , awlgrip with a short nap roller , not a foam roller or you will get edge tracks from the roller 

Once the panel is coated take a fresh , dry roller and roll the painted surface again 

this second dry roll removes the excess paint trapped by the griptex particles 

if the dry roller becomes saturated , replace with a new dry roller 

spray application as described In The   Video is a gigantic mess .. particles everywhere 

when rolling non skid  paper off the perimeter of the panel to catch roller splatter 

the technique described is how pro painters apply non skip to mega yachts