Spring Is Coming


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Buena Vista, Colorado
Went to my favorite high alpine little lake today. Usually mid June is good since it sits on a south facing slope, even though it's over 12,000 feet.

The trail leading in:


What I found after the brutal hike up. Damn, not even close, saw the shelf and it looks to be over a foot of ice still.


At least the hike was nice, the only footprints in the trail were from elk, which I saw a small herd of just before the top.

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Iain A

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Solomons/Pax Rvr
Spring's gone, summer's 1/2 over and what I thought would be now the boats view from its new slip
is still a brick building... but alas all of the sea cocks that were locked in place, now cleaned, lubed and operational will replace four. Hull's prepped for paint, transom prepped w/some nifty "body work" and ready for some finish. Discovered the reason for 1/2 the cockpit drains backing up. Looking at wetness by the end of the month.
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Its raining again here and blowing a gale so no sailing today.
Some places here have had a year's rain in a month. You can have some of ours.
We'd gladly take it, believe me. But, truth to tell, it's been glorious here so far. Just warm enough during the hot spells to tickle the 80 degree mark on the thermometer and more often just mid 70s with usually 10-12 kts breeze in the afternoons. But dry, really, really dry. Inland, the fire crews are all on edge and now Yosemite is burning. So, we would love some rain.