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Considering a trip to St Augustine. Anybody know a really great hotel?
No... But I can recommend The "Bar None" for a decent place for a beer. And "The Sunset Grill" for a beer and some 3/4 way decent bar food....
I stayed with a woman while I was there.... She didn't cook. It took me a long time to find a decent food store. She was astounded that asparagus didn't grow on trees, and that pizza was something that didn't come in a box delivered by a pimple faced teenager.
They do have some of the best shrimp in the world there, if you can find a place that doesn't destroy them with batter, or sauce.
Rt 1 in St. Augustine is 6 lanes of pure hell. Do not think that you're going into a quaint little pre colonial village.

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ugh, what a tourist hell hole... find a nice place elsewhere.. driving to get there is easy... park at the city garage... you don't need a tram.. it's a short walk into town... if you don't like walking, get tram tickets you can hop on /off anytime.. seriously i don't think there is anything worth seeing there...

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If you want to go swanky go for the Casa Monica. Pricey. I had a pretty spectacular piece of red meat there. Meehans Irish Pub supports the race week there. Maple St. Biscuit Co does a mean breakfast. Pizza Time is supposed to have a good pie but I can’t eat that stuff anymore. There are a bunch of things to see and do, especially if you like history.


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Wife and I stayed at the Guy Harvey resort on Anastasia Island south of St. A.
Nice property right on the beach and Guy's pictures & paintings all over the lobby & hallways. Pet friendly, too. If you buy your Old Town Trolley tix at the hotel, there's a shuttle available into town eliminating the need to drive & park. Have a great time!


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There are always some neat boats at the city Marina or on the city moorings which is right in the historic district. Especially this time of year with all the traffic south. The coquina fort is impressive. Salt Run area if you are into SUP /kayaking. Lighthouse, Anastasia State Park beaches. The area really has grown in the last 40 years though.

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Went there last year for a day. Very touristy but good Greek restaurants. The harbor is full of commercial boats. I didn't see the beaches but how busy they are depends on the season.

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Would like to visit there sometime for the history. Oldest city in the country.



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Would like to visit there sometime for the history. Oldest city in the country.

Meh.. you see one old fort you seen em all.. LOL.