Standard Horizon Recall on Floating Handhelds??

Having received as a gift a pair of binoculars from West Marine that I don't need, I decided to take the money and get myself a hand held VHF, which I do need.

Since it was a nice pair of glasses, I chose the Standard Horizon 850S, which floats and has a GPS built in. However, I called West Marine this morning to check stock in my local store, and was surprised to learn that WM had 'quarantined' all Standard Horizon floaters. The clerk said it had something to do with the float feature. A call to customer service confirmed that it was quarantined. But there was no reason given as to why.....grrrrr.

So, being the enterprising guy that I am, I called Standard Horizon. The guy from Marine Sales knew nothing about it.

Amazing how a vendor and retailer can be so blithely uninformed about (and I have to say, indifferent to), the goings on of their partner.

Does anyone out there know if these things float or sink? Since WM won't sell me one, I'll probably have to get the iCOM, but now I just want to know the truth.

I purchased an 850S last summer and used it once or twice in dry conditions. While in Bermuda I dunked it in the galley sink to see how it floated. It popped right to the surface, but when I turned it on, it started transmitting! Then the display fogged up and by the next morning it was not working at all.

When I got back to the states I sent it in on warranty. They received it on 12/17 and I'm still waiting for the replacement.

Maybe mine is not the only one that flunked the dunk test and that's why WM has them on "quarantine"?

Standard-Horizon repair department is very slow. I had several "waterproof" units fill with water and had a really hard time getting them to actually warranty the water damage.

Buy the Icom. It's a bit more expensive...but they're nicer units and the service/repair is much easier.


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