Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object


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Area52 1 mid size.jpg

Wild speculation may now commence.

But a few details.

Weight is 52 Kg.

8 and change meters of sail.

Two T foils, wand on main foil.

Foils retract between the hulls for upright launch and recovery.

Floats upright at the dock.

Closer to the Laser price point than the Waszp price point.

Nifty little project which should have commercial legs'

Focus has been on ease of use and handling, not a demonstration of a unique foil configuration. Plenty of original thinking and some unique solutions to achieve performance and cost goals.

Check us out in Newport and go for a sail.

Rule 101 in marketing: Start your own thread: Control the vibe: :)

Best wishes and success for a peoples foiler at an affordable pricepoint.

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This looks great!!

... ... ...

Only if you BUY AN AD
Go dry up. They didn't start this thread and so far, they're not trying to sell anything.

Well I guess the secret's out. Here's a little teaser for you all.
To answer a couple questions, the two primary testers have been me: 156lbs and Dad: 235lbs. Works for both of us. Power and lift make a lot of old constraints irrelevant.
Leech tension is done with a snotter at the clew. Also dad made a typo. It's just under 8 quare meters of sail area.

I'm in. That looks incredible.

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Agreed +100 on the Clarks' contribution!

Upper wind and wave range?

Assume no spectacular wipe outs like a pitch poling moth?

How easy is it to right the boat after a capsize?


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Foils nicely.

By playing with the wand extension, you can control how exciting it gets.

I have no idea how much wind the boat can take, we have been in over our heads before the boat stopped working.

Platform is the smallest thing I could design that kept you upright and stable before and in between flights.

At about 250, clearance under the bridge deck gets to be a problem, and the really heavy are going to have an extra portion of sucks until the foils can get you a few inches of freeboard to clear wave tops.

The spreaders are attached to the booms. Mast rotates to follow the booms . The jumper wires themselves have a block and tackle on them, so you can control mast bend by altering the tension. As this is directly opposed to the thrust of the booms, when you straighten the mast, you also tighten the leech. Leech tension and foot tension are interlinked like on any sprit/wish boom sail, and you tune with down haul and out haul just as you would a sailboard rig. Mast is really bendy and the sail has a ton of luff round, so there is quite a bit of range in the tuning. Sail is VERY similar to a Moth cut.

I suppose I should say something about this Moth thing. I like Moths, I have thought about designing and building a faster Moth. I have thought about designing other boats as well. This design is not a Moth and I really haven't given a moments thought about how the performance of the two might compare. The Moth is built to a much higher specification, makes no compromise for cost or ease of handling. Performance is the only goal. The Moth class has its own justification for existing and has evolved into a very specialized class with it's own rewards for excellence. This does not mean that ALL other small boats, foiling or otherwise, have to compare themselves to the Moth class. There is room ( I would almost say need) for other small foilers with different characteristics that may apeal to a different cadre of sailors. To that end, I have borrowed freely from what the Moths have developed, and strenuously avoided what I consider undesirable or unnecessary difficulties and chacteristics. The result, I hope the market finds, is a very satisfactory little sailboat.

We will be giving a full presentation at Foiling Week, come if you can.




No one's allowed to make SA jokes any more, I thought this was Anarchy? I wasn't actually telling anyone to buy an ad.


Anyway, can it foil upwind? The sail looks big enough, but is there enough RM?

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No one's allowed to make SA jokes any more, I thought this was Anarchy? I wasn't actually telling anyone to buy an ad.

You have to be concerned when you are the only one laughing. Just because you thought it was a joke doesn't mean that everybody else thought it was one. There was zero in your post to suggest there was anything funny, sarcastic or otherwise about what you were writing. At the moment you are like a comedian who got no laughs, then explains the joke, people still don't get it so the comedian tells them they don't understand humour.