Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object


I thought I was #5, but I did trade up for #007 due to the delay the flooding here has had on our season.



I have been off the thread for a while with crazy work hours.  So I am not keeping up. Are any Demos planned in the Mid-Atlantic (Chesapeake Bay area) this summer?  Or, is anyone from this area getting one and willing to give an old Beachcat sailor a try on their boat this summer? 

Just checking.


Received mine today, 0001, and it's a thing of beauty.  Gel coat is immaculate.  And the British racing green sail just barely fits into the 6" irrigation tube on my trailer.  Masts & booms fit into 2nd tube, so that I have only foils in car.  My daughter coming up from San Diego tomorrow will just have to wait for my June order--not getting this one.

I think I'm hull #4...  I have been bugging the crap out of dave....I think the first 10 will be shipped some time in June.  I'm thinking of naming mine  "Patiently Waiting" hahahahaha

Dave and his team has been working hard...there are always delays in first production runs---


ps  as the grand master says   "patience grasshopper"


True North

So hull no. 1 went to Cali.  Guess Tupac was right -- California knows how to party....

Terry, I will take your advice and be patient, but our Texas wind machine turns off for three months beginning in July, so I will likely be dressed up with nowhere to go with a boat in hand and no wind!!

That said, when it shows up and we have some air, it will be glorious!

hey True north.....I'm about 8 hours south of you...lets all get together when we get our boats....and I feel for you about the pretty much turns down in late june here...though 8 to 10 knots still happens



True North

That's a deal. PM me your email.  We have three in central and north Texas who are in communication, and seeing you're in MS, that's not too bad a drive for any of us.




That was the plan. 
Until the car's engine stopped working and it's not a quick or cheap fix. Wickford might be iffy at this point as well. Which sucks.

You're welcome to come down river to sail her this summer Matt.

Here's the perfect example of how easy it's to transport a UFO. Yakima Q-Tower roof rack with 78in round bars with some foam padding. Two ratchet straps attached to the bars 30" apart and a 3:1 pulley system to a bridle to make sure it doesn't fly off. Very stable at US highway speeds. Made the 600km trip up over the border without a hitch until half the engine lost compression 5 minutes from home.

View attachment 238730

If anyone's interested in the import procedure at the border, let me know.


Dex Sawash

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Is there enough clear span to get a SUP underneath the UFO on the roof?

Does the mast step bulge stick down too far for that?


Dave Clark

Rhode Island
Three to four inches deep, 25-30 wide.
You could fit three or four in there.

Been a long time since I posted in here. My guys and I have been full tilt at the plant. Hulls and foils keep coming out and we're rigging up the finished hulls for delivery. That stuff starts slow and gets quicker and quicker on each repetition. I spend the bulk of my time doing a lot of the detail work which I'm either actively teaching or still am the only person who knows what goes where, depending on the task. Keeping a close eye on the laminators is always a priority, too. It's a simplistic but nuanced build and a little coaching always helps. So I rarely get a free minute to read the thread these days.

Mercifully, I got a few free hours with Merde2 to shoot some footage this last weekend

Yup, I know. It's a hype reel. We also took some time to shoot launching, tacking, gybing and a rigging tutorial. That will be forthcoming.

On a personal aside, I felt myself feeling giddy rigging up two boats on the shore this weekend. Two identical UFOs going into the water gives a visceral sense of One-Design, that I've never been part of before. It's extremely exciting and motivating.



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Been off w other boating adventures but getting back to this.

  * Any big boys (ie 250 lbs) been out successfully foiling on this and willing to speak up about how it went?

  * Anybody seen one of these do a WW/LW race course against any other boat and willing to speak up about how it did (against what)?



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