Stowe stimbles ahead


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I guess Stowe is still bobbing around, people continue to give him enough stuff to get by and he manages to lure in another young thing.

So it's off to Guyana? Away from the "yachties", lawyers and bill collectors.

Still amazed he can sail around NY harbor without being impounded.

Wednesday, 07 September 2011

After a year of boat living in the protected waters of New York Harbor, Soanya and I are feeling the call of the wild wide open sea again. We think our three year old son Darshen is ready to go too. When a storm wind blows between the buildings that line the waterfront, Darshen stands in the wind with his arms stretched out to the sides and shouts over and over again, “I love the breeze!” Soanya’s family is from Guyana and we have been thinking of sailing there for many reasons. We want to sail to a faraway place where we won’t tourists or “yachties.” We will leave NY be leaving NY and the cold North Atlantic and enter warmer waters and trade winds. As we sail into warm tropical winds we will make our landfall on a jungle coast and begin our exploration of Guyana’s rivers.

A friend of ours had to abandon his 90 ft. sailboat. As a result, he gave us all the gear like the anchor, chain, sails, rigging, turnbuckles, ropes and pulleys. This gift freed us up to imagine we could go to sea again. We have quite a few friends who have been telling us that they want to go with us when we go again. So we are already taking crew onboard and are interviewing others. Rachel has already moved on the schooner and more are coming.

Of course we will have to work on the schooner as we go. Seamanship comes first. As we explore the outer reaches of nature where few people go. We will share our story live as we did on our previous “longest non-stop continuous sea voyage in history.”



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Go the Stowe!

As long as no one gets hurt (or pregnant again?), I find the tales of Reid (and the outrageously funny commentary provided by this group) hugely entertaining.

He is a scammer, a con artist and dishonest (I am pretty sure those allegations are true, and there may be more). But he is a character. And he has probably done less harm to the world than the average Wall Street banker.

I look forward to hearing more about his 'adventures' and following the play-by-play commentary provided here.



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Sydney, AUS
Hope Rachel is over 16.....but then I guess that none of that applies in international waters B)

Finally worked out who he reminds me of - a later day L Ron Hubbard, floating around on a ship full of "willing" acolytes. all he has to do is invent a religion!.

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OK, let the mocking begin:

- who is Rachel and what is her interest in all this?

- it looks like the sails are still on the boom. Have they been there since he returned from his circumnavigation? Did he really leave them on when the hurricane went by?

- the hull of the boat looks a mess. Is it really bad structurally or just cosmetic?

- I am surprised that the boat was able to motor up and down the river. What's he doing to keep off the marine growth?



Oh good. I miss Wei®d.

I am also way into threesomes. Perhaps he will provide home videos for pay per play downloading. :lol:

"Of course we'll work on the schooner as we go." 'Cuz you haven't done anything since you came back except for the acquisition of free gear from a 90 footer and a free sailing dinghy! Seriously, good seamanship does come first, but do you know what comes before that? A well found vessel.

Will Rachel stand her watches? Or will they all be below ringing each others bell? We need intel on Rachel. Where's Regatta Dog when we need him? Pip?



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Soy doesn't look too happy to have Rachel on board! I do hope they keep a blog for us to follow make fun of their journey. Will they wait for hurricane season to pass before departure? Billy B, how about you pretending to want to sign on to get a first hand look at things?

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she's from a hamlet just west of hoboken, her daddy is a human trafficker/puppy miller sprout farmer. he sponsored reido with seeds.

she's used to the anne menu anyway.

her name was Sindy Pomeranean back then: ~~~~~~~~~v


"Stowe Stimbles" ??

maybe the title of this thread should be changed to Redboat Tipples?

how the hell did a felon drug smuggler get a passport?

convicted drug traffickers are denied entry in all Caribbean islands and Guyana too.. 'course entry will prove a cinch since he doesn't have to follow rules, he's special.

how he gets away with direct discharge (and gets lauded as a greenie activist!), still takes out large parties on broken down anne without even jackets for each passenger and not even six pack cert..etc etc etc....must be divine assistance. anyone else would have the marine patrol, coast guard, water police/sherrifs on his ass 24/7.

i forsee conflicts. Stowe isn't going to like this girl stealing his wheel halo in photo ops.


LB 15

Here we go again......



40° 45' 21" north 73° 59' 11" west

Wind Calm before the storm.

God has smiled on me again and given me a gift of youth. I will thank God and take this gift with me on a journey of discovery. For both the youth and me.

I will feel the youth as I have felt youth in the past. Upon the sea, far from help, I will feel youth completely and youth will feel me flow through youth.

The South Seas are calling again and I will continue to be at one with myself, whenever youth is busy. The ship, my beautiful ship is strong and ready to carry my new found youth and me

along with my youth of the past and the fruit of my labors. God, Buddha and the great Pumpkin have blessed me again and are with me on my voyage to keep me focused.

But most of all I will focus on my new youth

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