Sugar Scoop added to Olson 40

There were two big reasons to add the sugar scoop.

First, and by far the most important: Safety. While I could trivially reach up, grab a stanchion, and pull myself aboard one handed when I was a kid, my wife and I are no longer able to do that. We needed a way to self rescue. A swim step with a ladder that can be deployed from the water provides that. (I don't yet have photos of the swim step, but I will by the weekend).

Second: Ease of getting into and out of a dinghy. The flared topsides made this harder than it might seem, and there were times at anchor where doing the dinghy-boat transfer was almost impossible.

The possibly slightly improved performance, and the improved aesthetics, were minor reasons.

Here is a video of the final product. I'll go through the entirety of the effort in subsequent posts.

All work was done by Dennis Choate's crew at Diversified Composites (used to be called Dencho). The work was performed at Marina Shipyard in Long Beach CA.

View attachment 1915355236_Scoop25c.MOV
The lines of the hull were extended using horizontal strips screwed to the hull, and door skins (thin plywood).

We will eliminate the old exhaust outlet for the long removed diesel. We will also eliminate the MOB tubes, which are a downflooding risk and unused.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why one of these images is upside down.




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