Suicide, fail....

Jfc, really?....


Daniel Von Bargen, 'Seinfeld' Actor, Hospitalized After Failed Suicide Attempt






Daniel von Bargen is in an Ohio hospital after a failed suicide attempt on Monday morning, TMZ is reporting.


According to the 911 phone call the character actor made from his Cincinnati apartment, von Bargen sustained a self-inflicted gun shot in his head. The 61-year-old appears discombobulated on the phone: "I was supposed to go to the hospital and I didn't want to… they were supposed to amputate at least a few toes," he said, adding that he is diabetic.


Von Bargen played the characters of Chief Grady in "Super Troopers" and Mr. Kruger on "Seinfeld."

Oh yeah, here's the 911 call. Thank you, Harvey!...... :p

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125 grain bullet

3.3 to 4 grains of Dupont Pistol #6

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El M. I was jealous as shit about your blast fest.

"Break a leg" isn't good enough for actors nowadays? When did they upgrade it to "Stop a slug"? Or maybe the new saying has spread from the Detroit actors' guild.

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Normally I'm up for all sorts of ridiculing of the stupid and/or incompetent that goes on around here, but something about this one struck me as just sad. Maybe I paid more attention because he lived nearby, but I don't' think that's it. No matter where you are it's gotta suck to just have body parts chopped off because you are dieing a little bit at a time. I can see where the poor dude is down about it. Good luck DVB. You're gonna need it.