Sunfast 35 and light Ballast/Displacement Ratio


When I was racer shopping, I woulkd refer to the ORC rating certificates for the actual boat or a sister ship.

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Here is a SF35 club rating cert.

Diabolic is the one i was refering to!

In the end if you have orc rating you have stability and other information more valuable than just a relation between to boat numbers which might be acurate or not (balast might not be very accurate...)
I owned a beautiful Sun Odyssey 35 - SAME boat with shoal keel and shorter rig.

Gorgeous interior and high quality build throughout (to my eye). We enjoyed it as our 'family' boat for many years.

The boat sailed terribly - tended to round up in any blow. Absolutely uncontrollable and unacceptable to this technical sailor. Next up I was going to shorten the (factory set) forestay, but sold the boat anyway. Here's a (long) string about the boat control

In selecting my next boat (X-34) B/D was a key factor as I sail shorthanded and can't find a full crew to sit on the rail.

The SF35 would certainly behave differently than the SO35, but hull and 'form stiffness' as well as the its contribution to weather helm remain the same.