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Extended stay in San Diego, heard Huntington Beach had some of the best surf on the west coast, drove to Huntington Beach to see for myself, a swim, some beverages and back to SD. Love to go back for some of that great ocean vibe and the food.

When you were in SD you already were near some of the best surf spots on the west coast, Wind and Sea, Blacks, Cardiff Reef, Swamis and nothing against Huntington I grew up there and surfed the pier for decades but it doesn't hold a candle to Blacks when it going off.


Know that now and did experience all I could get to including, the small spot @ OB pier, my first experience in the Pacific, water temperature was a shock. Surfers donning neoprene should of been my first clue!

An Oceanside cliff down the road from the beach there that begs out of town morons, drunks (my case X2) to dive off, still have a scar on my hip to prove it. Other than a brush with some potential ugly, had a blast.
@ least you didn't bother trying to go sailing

Don't forget to tell everyone when you get home

DAGO SUCKS !!!!!!!!






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The Burg, Maine
That was awesome! A long time ago I was working for a spell out of Fortaleza, Brazil and would frequently see young kids surfing on pieces of scrap plywood along the harbor jetty. Not shaped or curved , just rectangles of old construction material.

Maybe not as well as that grom, but they, and by they I mean we, even though I had almost no Portuguese, had a ball and became great friends for that week.



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Raza does Wedge.

Blair C is sick.

You guys skim?    Curious.   On a flat day we’d break the skims out.   I’m talking late ‘60s here -  1/4” ply and wax.   Hella good times.   City kooks laughed then came back next time with their ‘customs’.   Haha…everyone having cheap fun.

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Thought this might be Snapper Rocks but I don't think there is a seawall like this there...