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Art Brewer was a “Free-Swinging bullshit destroyer”​

Art Brewer, who passed away at the age of 71, had a remarkable reach. From Griffin to Stoner to Lopez, Rabbit, Curren, Slater, and up to John John, he knew them all. They adored him. Even though they may have occasionally fought, they still adored him because he made them all seem so damn good and because he was one of those free-swinging bullshit destroyers. True, he lacked Flippy Hoffman’s snarling poetic eloquence. But there was no denying that Art called people as he saw them.

Mr. Brewer taught a yearly class with our contributing photographer, JP Van Swae in Puerto Rico. “There never was someone so gruff at times, and also so willing to share everything with you,” JP told me. “Behind the persona of ‘Art’, there was an unbelievable amount of love influenced by his wife Kathy, his daughter Alana and her husband Dillon, and his two grandchildren Elynn and Griffin. I can’t explain the amount of knowledge and friendship he shared with me.”

Art, along with JP, would teach aspiring photogs the trade, openly and honestly, and was always a wealth of information. “I consider myself an open book to any student who wants to read me,” he once said. “There is nothing that I hold back.”

The_Inertia tweeted
Iconic photographer Art Brewer, a man who defined surf photography in the late ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, has passed away, according to friends and family. He was 71.

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The GOAT of surf photography passed away last night. R.I.P Art Brewer
So many of his images were iconic in the history of surfing.


The OC.
I knew him as a young teenager. He knew I was a so-so photographer, and that I had a projection screen and a slide projector. So one night Art and I and a bunch of my surf friends set up the gear in my parents house in Laguna. From my photo experiences, from what I saw from a young talent...I knew this kid was going places. See you in the next lineup Art. Don't forget your Extachrome 400.