Surfing a Catalina 27

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What bar is that?

Must have been COLD.


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Courtesy KATU:

ASTORIA, Ore. — Coast Guard crews rescued a man who had to jump off his disabled sailboat into the rough coastal waters near Astoria, Oregon, on Thursday afternoon.

The U.S. Coast Guard – Pacific Northwest said the man’s 26-foot sailboat ended up disabled off the coast near Fort Stevens State Park.

A USCG boat crew from Station Cape Disappointment rescued the man and took him to waiting emergency personnel for an evaluation.

The sailboat later washed ashore in the state park, officials said.


I hope there is footage of him boarding/hauled aboard the CG boat in those seas.

This is why we can't have nice things?

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A guy single handing a Catalina 27 in the frigid waters of the Oregon coast with an ancient Soling sail attempts the Columbia River bar against the early spring runoff.

Okay, sure. I mean, why not?

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The term disabled sailboat is used rather loosely. In my opinion, incompetent navigation is more likely the biggy in the chain of events.



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IDK whether it’s really better to stay with the boat, once it enters the surf… things start slamming around pretty violently.  There was that couple that lost their lives that way last fall, a bit south of there.  

Light winds and big waves = stay in port and have a few beers, in my manual.  Maybe the problem is those few beers…  

I’ve seen boats sailing along just off the shore there, but so far I haven’t felt comfortable to turn left until we get ten miles out or so.  Once you get out there, you’ve got to stay out until the next tide.  But we don’t know quite what this guy was doing.  


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