Surveyor in San Diego


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Santa Cruz
Does anybody have a recommendation for a marine surveyor in San Diego? Also looking to do a rigging inspection and engine inspection.

I am not in contract yet, but I figure I will ask now in case we do come to terms.

The boat is a Concordia 47 (lightweight racer/cruiser with cored hull and carbon spar rod rigging).

You guys gave me a great recommendation for a bay area surveyor so I am hoping to strike gold again.


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Kels Christian hands down... They also travel to different areas, but they are based in San Diego. I've had multiple surveys on multiple boats. Kels and his team are very helpful, knowledgeable and honest. On one survey they were the listing broker's surveyor.. but still gave a very realistic and honest survey.... pissing off the broker.....

Christian & Company Marine Surveyors

1276 Scott Street
San Diego, CA 92106

Mobile: 619-517-4789
Office: 619-223-7380


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Rigworks (personal experience)or Pacific Offshore Rigging (reputation) for rig inspection. I hope it works out. That’s a pretty interesting boat. PM me if you need an old fart to test ease of sail handling on a sea trial.