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Get with the program Spatton. He just said it publically the other day.



It's possible 1 or 2 drums in his truck is for dry goods and/or water. His stated diesel capacity is not clear. In his weight est. video he stated 3.2tons diesel, which at 7lb/gal would be 914 gal. However he also mentioned 4 tanks of approx. 300 gal each which would be 1200 gal. He added lead bars to some tanks for trim to cure a list, which would reduce available volume. Whatever it is, I have a hard time imagining him ferrying just one drum at a time to fillup when he seems unwilling to buy it at a dock. The duggfuckery method of bunkering currently involves a pickup truck and winch. Should work well at distant shores. Probably been buying off road diesel.
Circling back to this. He has four tanks of slightly more than 300 gallons volume and like a 20 gallon day tank. Then he has several irregularly shaped tanks that were created when he welded a plate over the lead poured in the keels. He loaded the lead bars into one of those smaller tanks and I don't believe he put fuel in on top of it. I'm fairly certain that those smaller tanks don't have any fuel lines or pickups and that they are essentially a jerry can welded into the bilge. Early on one of their concepts was to go but $0.25 a gallon diesel in Venezuela and sail the ship full up to more popular cruising grounds to sell the fuel at a considerable profit, that may have been the cargo he had in mind that caused him to chose to build an origami monohull instead of something more practical for the home builder like a warram.


That Tulsa fuel tanker plan was not on my radar. Reminds me - I had a friend that would hoard glass beer bottles in WV and eventually load his truck to the gills and drive to MD to get something like 10 cents each for them. Way he drank, added up to quite a sum several decades ago. Worked for him. Dugg's results might vary.

Speaking of circling around, I've pondered his combustion engine exhaust system some more. He has 4 internal combustion engines feeding a common dry exhaust manifold in the engine room. All those engines will have valve overlap wherein near the end of the exhaust stroke the inlet valve will be open. I think the diesel is 6 cylinder, not sure but the generator, welder and scuba air compressor are probably 1 or 2 cylinder each. Anyhow, chances are the diesel might stop with one cylinder having both the ex and in valves open. Say he starts and runs the welder, stands there and does some welding and grinding. The collective manifold is then feeding ex gasses through the main diesel into the engine room. It comes out the diesel air filter. Different scenarios of backfeeding exhaust gas to the engine room are possible such as running the main diesel and having it come through one of the smaller engines that happens to stop with both valves open. Terribly dangerous construct. Carbon monoxide is not your friend.


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Significant danger is corroding the shit out of the non-running engine by filling with exhaust gases. Every engine installation guide I have read warns about combining exhaust pipes.

Diesels don't make as much CO as a gas engine, but they still do have enough to cause real problems.

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