SV Seeker


So he's home brewing all the controls for an autopilot?

Very early autopilots were of the on/off type. Didn't take long before people figured out it is pretty easy to speed control a DC motor.
Well, he seems to think he's going to run it from the B&G system that he's got so it begs the question of what's going to happen when his B&G is trying to send a modulated signal to the Chinesium SSR's. I have no idea how the output from the B&G is modulated (PWM? anyone?) but obviously it isn't on/off. PWM straight into a 7hp inductive load could be fun.


I just noticed something: remember when Andy parachuted in to save the drive train and it was "much better" then and Doug totally owned the "trolls" who said "it couldn't be done"?
But we haven't seen Seeker motoring since, have we?

And then Doug totally fixed the prop hitting the shroud by heroically replacing the cutless under water, but we haven't seen Seeker motoring since.

Doug mentioned that he spend time to improve his story telling; so as a story teller, after your audience followed you along all the hurdles that you had to overcome, wouldn't you want to show them the victory of you reaching your goal?


This is a prestigious sailing forum and we call it sculling, sir. Please refrain from waggling in here.
With all due regard to pomp and circumstance enjoined with a strong aversion to pimple popping in public, would one not first be in need of a scull just prior to engaging in the act of sculling?
It would clearly appear so, to my jaundiced eye, that the BSO in question, along with the lascivious act of waggling are a match made in heaven and thus fortunately requiring no scull whatsoever....just a RSP(rudder shaped protuberance) and a sincere willingness to introduce some wag into the blasted affair.
In brief, I'm in agreement with Happy.


How many times a day do ya think Dough refreshes this thread?
Use your executive privilege and let us know! It would be a hoot to actually find out he is regularly checking us out to pick up on some nifty tips-n-tricks to get his POS BSO actually doing something other than anchoring all over the damned place dumping who-knows-what into the waters of his free anchorage.
Thanking you in advance!


Super Anarchist
We have used the term vessel because it is a man made floating ... undertaking. But unpowered floating abodes are referred to as houseboats, which does make use of the cherished term boat. Do we compromise and allow the use of houseboat to describe this endeavour?

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