Sydney 38 in Annapolis

I am sure that I will regret getting back into this but there are so many misstatements about the S38 that I need to correct a few:

  1. First S38 was delivered in 2000 so there were (are) no 1990s boats.
  2. Clearly built as a racer/cruiser (emphasis on racer) deck is similar to the Farr 40. (agreed that they were much cheaper particularly when the AUS dollar was way down)
  3. It is not a Sidney 40 with two feet of the transom--it did borrow a lot from the 40 but I understand the redesign took most of the length out of the middle of the boat
  4. Built like a fortress with ordinary glass and epoxy--no exotics--does make her heavier but stiffness and longevity that lasts.
  5. The 38 may be "sticky" but even in a known light wind area like Chicago the 38s have been very successful on handicap under IRC, ORR and PHRF.  And when it blows hard the 38s are a delight.
  6. The subject of this thread was delivered in late July 2000 and made its first regatta in August of 2000.




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everyone zhould own a J-88 and be done with it

I raced many events with this boat (S-38) and was impressed with her prep and performance. The value analysis provided in this thread appears spot on regardless of the boats health. 

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Exactly. She did the N2B in 2018 as well, so is sorted for proper ocean racing to CCA standards at least, which is worth more than most think in terms of $$'s and time. New H5000 system installed. Sail inventory may be a little tired but last year was a light N2B year and the North's are a durable sail. Similar 38 foot boats are priced at the same point without updated electronics, sail inventory, fresh paint, rigging or recent general maintenance. Turnkey at the listing point is an interesting discussion IMO.

Related but not is what about the Farr 42 a few docks over for the same ask?

And on the J/125 vs. Farr 400, would you pay $100k more for the older but proven design?

Hard calls; personally I'm a below 40' guy in terms of running costs but some of these race boats are tempting at their price points.
That Farr 42 is a total dog - has NEVER done anything well in it's entire life



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The Farr 42 was donated by Northpoint in 2017. She left Jabins. Not sure where she is. 
It started it's life in Chicago while I lived there and the boat has never performed - I really don't care where it is.............

If somebody is looking for a boat to race - that one is not it

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Hello All. My name is Grady Byus and I am the listing agent with North Point Yacht Sales in Annapolis. I appreciate all of the comments and as always thorough opinions.

As some have relayed, the gentleman who campaigned Kurranulla passed suddenly this past winter and I am working with his widow to sell the boat. She, and the crew, are working hard to gather the pertinent info and clean the boat up from winter storage to allow me to present a more thorough listing with pictures and details. As the listing says, for the time being it is a "preliminary listing" in an effort to make people like yourselves aware this boat is available..

Sentiment aside - the boat was updated well, but like any race boat, will need continued sail/equipment/hardware updates, none of which should keep the next owner from getting on the water immediately with a great boat. We have used market data and expert input to arrive at our asking price, but like any sale of this sort it is just an asking price and we encourage communication and offers.

Thank you for your time and respect moving forward. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly. My contact details are in the listing.

Cristoforo said:
6+ months later the price is chopped to $89K and still only the same 4 photos 

still a lot of work to do Gray Bus 
I just looked at Grady's other listings on North Point's site and I'm not sure that the owners give him access to the interior of the boats.  Every listing is missing interior photos, it's all just shots of the hull or pictures of the boat sailing.  I can say with certainty that brokers in all industries get deals done faster when they're transparent and provide as many details and photos as possible.  This isn't a Craigslist ad, you're selling boats that cost more than the annual salary in your region, post as many pictures as you can click.

If I were the widow trying to sell this boat, I would seriously consider other brokers in Annapolis.



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I knew the owner of the Sydney 38 and I know the executive director of the non-profit that owns the Farr 42.  I also know Mr. O'Malley.  

The Sydney has been immaculately cared for up until the passing of the owner.  To the best of my knowledge, the boat has not been in the water since his death.  A good friend did the delivery back from Bermuda and had nothing but good things to say about the boat.

The Farr 42 is in decent shape.  It needs some upgrades but to the best of my knowledge, there are no significant structural issues.  

In both cases, it would be wise to remember that a list price and a sale price are two different animals entirely.  Case in point, I bought my current boat for 1/2 of the original asking price.  So, I don't really understand the reasoning behind the negative comments regarding the list price of either boat.  In this day and age the asking price is just a starting point for discussion.  

Regarding Mr. O'Malley:. He has probably forgotten more about sailing than most of us will ever learn.  I've raced against him and I've sought his advice.  He is extremely well respected in the racing community here in Annapolis.  Perhaps more importantly, he is eager to pass his knowledge on to those of us who are newer to the sport.  

In my never to be humble opinion, some of you keyboard warriors need to take a deep breath and a shot or two of your favorite fortified spirit....and just relax!  

Just my 2 cents