Sydney to Hobart 2017


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This could be a heart breaker. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 10.09.51 PM.png



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Down to about 100m looking at the chopper shots. Absolutely an S2H for the ages!

If WOX1 pulls this off... The GOAT Super Maxi.

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So have you ever won a late "Lee bow" protest? Any one you know? Any one else?  Jimmy Spithill has but I'm guessing only when there are on water refs
I have won them all the time but the protest regieme for 'le Bow Fucks" in that part of the world at the time are unique. First both boats usually sink allowing no time for a red hanky to be be waved. Secondly the RC not having any on board, drone or helicopter vid footage at their disposal can't lodge a protest without any evidence.

Therefore the protocol has been the Club Carpark at dawn and pistols at 40 paces. A further discouragement to these instances of flagrant rule abuse is that the one left standing gets the wife of the fallen.

Therefore being a ex Seal sniper I tended to only do a "le Bow Fuck" on rich pricks with young trophy wives. That has kept me in the style I'm accusomed to.

Richo though he was in the Army Cadets at school had a brain implosion yesterday I think. Maybe on account of the hair products he uses, who knows? He simply forgot when doing a "le Bow Fuck" that Clark with his soon to be very rich young wife no longer owned Comanche. Bad move.

All this will come out in the IJ hearing if there is one.

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Watching from my window: the giant glass out patch which they both sailed into is filling in and narrowing... Calm patch was really wide along the eastern shore so both are headed out to middle.

But, the wind to the north in the Derwent is all pretty light less than 10 knots...