Sydney to Hobart 2017


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Currently looking for expired flares for a nudie run! 
Scan run over to LB's joint first...he is accredited RYA and will show you how to carry out the fine detail of putting a parachute flare up your bot bot, pulling the wick..but you still live to be Shaggy's coffee boy.

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I'm not a Comanche or WOX1 supporter, but it would give me a platinum strength erection if Richo went into the the pressers saying they were late for the start in order to give Comanche a head start. 



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Counter-argument would be it'd be a classy move for WO to retire after seeing the footage. 
Completely agree DFL1010. If they feel they have wronged and I quote from the RRS Basic Principles "when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire".

We are not talking about a boat having a slightly wrong certificate here, or failing to sign a declaration,

While we wait this out with both boats in the creek with WOXI in front, little breeze and the outgoing tide now starting to rush and around 6 1/2 miles to the finish. Anchors will now be deployed on deck.

So while we wait this out.

There have been a barrage of references to the International Jury (IJ) that determine the Indians protest over WOXI's "le Bow Fuck", and by the Sailing Instructions (SI's)  a potential time penalty against WOXI of not less than 5 minutes, and where disqualification cannot be discounted. That has all come about because WOXI elected to not do two (2) 360 degree turns. Do your own calculation for Richo not having done that. What a dick some will no doubt say.

First who is the IJ? They are body nominated by the Race Organiser (RO), via the RO's Race Committee (RC) to Australian Sailing, an affiliate of World Sailing (WS) for approval. Once approved the decisions of the IJ are final and there is no appeal

This process should not be confused with WS sanctioned events like the VOR, AC etc where WS nominate their own IJ with the IJ having the support of a Investigating Officer(s). The IJ for the S2H are currently sitting in Hobart downing coloured drinks by the hotel pool.

Second, there is debate that if Comanche do get over the line first, then they will drop their protest. 

What everyone forgets is that if that was to occur, then the RC with the video evidence of the incident, have no option but to then refer it to the IJ, on account of its impact on placings, particularly LH's for boats like BJ etc, potential 3rd party Rule 69's about bringing the sport into disrepute etc. 

If the RC didn't lodge that protest having regard for the above they would be run out of town.

So who makes up the approved and sanctioned  IJ for this event? They are as follows;

To be continued..I have to grab a cup of tea.
 we are talking potentially of a Part 2 infringement with no attempt to exonerate. I think, if they are found against then a 5 minute penalty would be very soft.

Having said that the RSHYR has an extremely competent jury chairman so the only thing I am certain of right now is that should it go to the room then both boats will get a fair hearing.



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Not bad for the guy who has Lost more Americas cup races than anyone in history - What has he ever won
You need to get your priorities in order..I can hear from here your ewe bleeting it's guts out looking for her daily service. Sort things out mate.



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Nice job WO taking advantage of her edge in the river to go around Comanche. Now to see how the protest works out. Great race by both boats, hate to see it go to the room but you take the risk and have to possibly pay the price.

Windward Passage had the same thing happen in the '69 Transpac, first to finish, new record, and win taken away for barging a Cal 2-30 at the start.